Meet the bloggers

Our bloggers come from all walks of life, and each shines a light on a different area of the OMD UK experience: from our planning teams to our people team, or SEO to summer parties.

Evros Agamemnonos

Ask Evros any question and he’ll answer it – no matter the subject, Evros loves the challenge of finding out something new about consumers and brands and applying the knowledge in a strategic setting.33 Articles

Lotte Uttley

Lotte is the Editor of Newsroom, our industry-first, real-time insight and ideas team.25 Articles

Romane Donat

With a limitless curiosity, Romane has a real passion for digging into people’s minds to understand the submerged part of the iceberg. All fresh and new to research, her main goal is to use her energy to get an answer to any question, even the ones not yet asked.19 Articles

Sarah Gale

Sarah has worked in research and insight for nearly 20 years and it really shows. She likes nothing more than trying to come up with new and interesting ways to provide insight into how we live our lives today. Sarah loves a challenge, is hugely tenacious and once won the MRS ‘Talent Magnet’ for young researchers. She hopes to now win the same award for old researchers.17 Articles

Joe Wilson

With a background in Psychology, Joe has an intrinsic interest in what makes people tick: relishing the challenges and intricacies of interpreting how and why consumers behave in the way they do, and turning this into actionable insight.14 Articles

Alice Mackenzie

Alice has joined the Insight team after graduating in Anthropology. Her interest in human behaviour makes her extremely inquisitive and determined to learn the “why” behind the action.12 Articles

Claire Dean

Claire is Deputy Head of Strategy at OMD UK. She has a great passion for connecting brands with people and limitless curiosity to dig for rich consumer and cultural insights.11 Articles

Sam Brodie

With a background in Advertising and Consumer Research, Sam has a keen interest in the relationships between brands and people and how these evolve. Sam is the newest member of the Insight Team.11 Articles

Charlie Woodall

Charlie's a part of our sponsorship team, working with publishers to get our clients' messages conveyed in the most creative and exciting ways available. His particular interest is how Newsbrands adapt to the needs of marketers and consumers in the current technological and economic climate.10 Articles

Julian Murray

Julian has recently joined OMD UK and has a background in Media and Technology research. With a huge personal interest in technology he keeps up to date with the latest trends and enjoys finding out what the next big thing will be.9 Articles

William Bonaddio

Will joined OMD UK in 2010 and, after 7 years working in digital Display advertising, now focuses on all things social as Social Media Director. Having worked across a wide range of advertising sectors including Travel, Film, Make Up, Music, Fashion, Technology, Mobile Phones and in particular specialising in Fast Food, Will has a passion for new media innovations in social and a terrible taste in music.8 Articles

Annabel Watters

Annabel is part of OMD UK's New Business and Marketing team, helping to promote the agency's initiatives, work and ideas.8 Articles

Josh Chi

Josh works in OMG Ethnic, a multicultural marketing consultancy that works across all Omnicom Media Group agencies. Being a keen traveller, Josh has a great interest in understanding different cultures and the implications for brands.6 Articles

Laura Woolfenden

Laura Woolfenden is an Associate Director on the Google account. She’s never shy to give her opinion to achieve the best outcome and loves to walk in other peoples’ shoes and truly immerse herself in their footsteps - what they might see, think and feel and why, applying their journey to find communication solutions.6 Articles

Lisa Johnson

Lisa is a Production Manager for OMD Create, OMD UK's creative solutions team.5 Articles

Chris Lewis-Jones

Chris Lewis-Jones is OMD UK's Executive Director - Digital and Technology Development.4 Articles

Patricia Condrova

Patricia is part of the Disney buying team, working on a daily basis with Nemo, Frozen and Yoda. Passionate about brands, travelling and good food.4 Articles

Sophy Part

Sophy is a Business Director in XMP, putting audience insights at the heart of every plan.4 Articles

Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell is an Associate Communications Planner at OMD UK.4 Articles

Marcos Angelides

Marcos is a Strategy and Innovation Director at OMD.4 Articles

Alicja Furmanczyk

Alicja is an Insight Manager at OMD UK. She's a bit of a sports junkie with a strong belief that a good question deserves an even better answer. With a background in both consumer and corporate research, providing insight that drives a positive change is what makes Alicja love Mondays.4 Articles

Kate Herbert

Kate is Head of People at OMD UK, ensuring the agency's people become the very best they can be. In the last few years, she has overseen the implementation of You@OMD UK, our brand made up of four key pillars: OMD Academy (our Learning and Development programme), OMD Life (our Health and Wellbeing initiative), Licence to Switch (an initiative that enables anyone in the agency to apply for a secondment within another team) and Giving It Large (enabling the agency to give back to the community).3 Articles

Harry Darlington

Harry has worked at OMD UK for the past three and a half years and is currently a Comms Planning Manager. He is passionate about insights that lead to creative media solutions for our clients and bringing these to life.3 Articles

Rafay Agha

Rafay Agha is an Associate Director, Social Media and Content at OMD UK. He's fluent in GIFs and tweets entirely too much. Outside of work, this Canadian expat is getting lost somewhere in London, evangelising 90s r&b and making regrettable ASOS purchases.3 Articles

Melissa Pearce

Melissa Pearce is a Senior Copywriter as part of the Social and Content Team within OMD Create.3 Articles

Anisha Doshi

Anisha has been working at OMD UK for 2 years in the comms planning team. Her passions include watching Archer on repeat, putting Nando’s Peri Peri on everything and learning how to draw (albeit very badly).3 Articles

Hannah Stockton

Part of our strategy team, Hannah is a creative media planner with a flair for digital. She is passionate about discussing the latest new media developments and trends in the media landscape and audience behaviours.3 Articles

James Reeves

James is part of the Disney and Intel communications planning teams, always seeking to bring storytelling, creativity and innovation to their businesses. He's fascinated by people and culture and believes that the strongest messages are created by discovering people's passions. He's a sucker for anything sports and music-related.3 Articles

Sarah Jenkins

Sarah is Joint Head of Display at OMD UK.3 Articles

Milly Bellotti

Milly is part of OMD Create, working closely with clients as a Social Media Manager to deliver campaigns and day to day support on this growing platform. From Facebook Canvas, to live Periscoping and Instagram firsts, the Social Media team is always looking to push the boundaries in this exciting space.3 Articles

Harriet is part of the New Business and Marketing Team at OMD UK.3 Articles

Milly Kent

Milly is Citroen and DS’s Comms Planning Manager. Her passion lies in sifting through the data to find insights that shape the comms strategy and ultimately the media plan.3 Articles

Carl Connaughton

Alex D'Albertanson

Alex is an Investment Buyer across several OMD UK clients. He enjoys discussing and researching innovation and technology, as well as conversing on the most fanboy Film and Television shows.3 Articles

Alex Rubins

Alex is a Comms Planner at OMD UK working on the McDonald’s account and is interested in technology, marketing and behavioural sciences.3 Articles

Katie McSweeney

Katie joined in October 2013 and has since got involved in a variety of different schemes, teams and learning opportunities at OMD UK. She is a Digital Specialist in XMP and alongside an innate passion for dinosaurs she is also excited by shiny new technology and client-changing digital developments.3 Articles

Lee Isaacs

Lee is a Comms Planning Manager at OMD UK.3 Articles

Kieran Smith

Kieran is a Creative Strategist sitting in the OMD Create team, with a passion for ideas and how brands can use them to inspire audiences. He joined last week from Starcom where he spent the last 5 years.3 Articles

Gareth Orr

Gareth drives OMD UK’s culture of creativity, collaboration and openness. His enthusiasm for creating a great environment within OMD UK comes through in his pieces about culture in theory and in practice.3 Articles

Oliver Moran

Oli works on the AV Investment team at OMD UK, specialising in Audio. He keeps his ears on the developing digital audio market and makes sure our clients take advantage of the best new opportunities in this trusted, emotive media. His favourite podcast is the Egg Chasers Rugby Podcast and is well worth a listen.3 Articles

Jamie Callaghan

Jamie is a Manager in OMD’s XMP department, working to deliver our clients competitive advantage through intelligent cross-media planning.3 Articles

Alina Waite

Alina is a Business Director at OMD UK.3 Articles

Ben Priest

Ben is a Digital Manager within OMD UK's XMP team.3 Articles

Laura Chapman

Laura is a Comms Planning Manager at OMD UK.2 Articles

Dan Clays

Dan runs OMD UK and has been a major supporter of our ambition to discover how social and cultural shifts in British life will impact on media, marketing and communications.2 Articles

Alison Hawkins

Alison has over 4 years digital marketing experience for UK and Global brands across a variety of sectors including retail, motors and entertainment. She has a keen focus on strategic planning and delivering creatively integrated campaigns.2 Articles

Laura Crichton

Laura is a Business Director at OMD UK.2 Articles

Jamie Kenyon

Jamie is a Graduate Communications Planner with a keen interest in human behaviour and how it can inform brand strategy.2 Articles

Sarah Mann

Sarah is a Digital Partnerships Manager at OMD UK.2 Articles

Zach Jordan

Zach is a graduate at OMD UK, working in comms planning for Citroën, DS and Bosch.2 Articles

Katie Hunter

Having worked in comms and outreach for seven years, Katie has tried everything from music to beauty and big consumer brands. Always looking for the next ‘thing’, she is now getting to grips with the weird and wonderful world of online influence and new ways to shout about campaigns and big ideas.2 Articles

Laura Milner

Laura Milner is OMD UK’s Social Media Copywriter. She's good with words with a dry humour.2 Articles

Nick Bolton

Nick is an Investment Buyer at OMD UK, having joined the agency in 2014. His specialist subjects include Rugby and Star Wars.2 Articles

Nikita Jivykh

Nikita has been with OMD UK almost five years now, having moved over from New Zealand in 2012. With great experience of client leadership and strategic thinking in media, Nikita writes on the changing shape of the media landscape and the role of planning within it.2 Articles

Sherif Kader

Working as an Associate Director within the OMD UK Comms planning team, Sherif is a self-proclaimed media geek. He is obsessed with how the media is being redefined and how the role of the agency is quickly changing.2 Articles

Jason Cotrina-Vasquez

Jason is our Associate Director of Social Advertising, with over five years’ experience of social media activity at OMD UK. He is uniquely placed to comment on the big changes within social media, and the consequences for brands and advertisers.2 Articles

Karl Havard

Karl grew up in a pub, where the Juke Box was always on, and has lived through the emergence and demise of various music cultures. One of life’s people watchers, Karl has spent the last 15 years in the agency world and applies his skills within the planning and strategy areas. A lecturer for Econsultancy, Karl is an advocate and user of behavioural economic research; and fascinated by how the emergence of technology, mobile and social media is impacting society.2 Articles

Josh Sananes

Josh is a Digital Director, working across PSA for past 2 years. He joined OMD UK after a long stint at Ogilvy & Mather and enjoys getting stuck into the depth and breadth of the digital landscape.2 Articles

Clare Elder

Clare is a Creative Strategy Director at OMD UK.2 Articles

Bradley Hill

Phillip Fernandes

Phil is a hard-nosed member of the OMD UK AV Investment Department, who when he lets his hair down can usually be found researching medieval history (or in the pub).1 Articles

Rob Feaver

Rob Feaver is an Associate Director in OMD UK’s Investment Team and is passionate about working collaboratively with media owners and clients producing smart and effective media plans.1 Articles

Luke Blackburn

Luke works as part of the Digital Development and Technology team at OMD UK. He has a broad range of experience across multiple sectors from FMCG, travel and automotive with a particular focus on ensuring clients are staying ahead of the curve and future proofing alongside emerging consumer trends.1 Articles

Jonny Cohen

Jonny is a Digital Planner within OMD UK's XMP team.1 Articles

Joseph Easter

Joe works in AV Investment. He has a keen interest in spotting trends around politics, history and sport.1 Articles

Ediz Osman

Ediz joined the Social Advertising Team as a Manager after working for 3 years in Digital Display advertising focusing on User Acquisition and Branding. Ediz has advertising experience in Food & Drink, Gaming, Publishing, Telecoms, Gambling and Recruitment. In his spare time, as well as playing the latest games, he watches Twitch streamers and eSports.1 Articles

Danielle Sammeroff

Danielle Sammeroff is an Account Director at Fuse Sport + Entertainment, primarily working on music and arts focused sponsorships & brand activation campaigns across the OMD UK portfolio.1 Articles

Saffana Monajed

Saffana works at OMG Ethnic, focusing on multicultural and community marketing and consultancy across Omnicom Media Group. Saffana is interested in finding out about what makes communities come together and how common threads lead to patterns in media consumption.1 Articles

Stephen Tyson

Stephen is Lead Designer at OMD UK.1 Articles

Tom Wilson

Tom works on the XMP team having previously specialised in offline media at Blue449.1 Articles

Will Corbridge

Will is a recent addition to the Communications Planning team working as a manager, predominately on PepsiCo. Originally from OMD Sydney, he comes with a strong passion for customer centricity and gaining insights from consumer behaviour. Fun fact; he is also a trained horticulturist.1 Articles

Charles McNeill

Charles is an XMP Digital Manager at OMD UK. He is passionate about the fast paced developments in technology and the relationships tech has on consumer behaviour, user experience and design.1 Articles

Joseph Harake

Joe is a Digital Director at OMD tasked with delivering best-in-class investment strategies across all digital channels. Joe began his career in Ad Ops at OMD over nine years ago and with a firm grounding in activation, conversion and digital reporting tech, Joe now leads a team of digital planners and buyers trading across OMD’s entire client roster. Joe’s remit includes client digital development plans, agency commercial strategy, programmatic and direct pricing negotiation and ultimately ensuring OMD’s client budgets work as hard as possible to deliver campaigns that earn a share of consumers’ lives and drive measurable marketing outcomes.1 Articles

Kate Houghton

Kate is a member of the Fuse team, the experiential and partnerships arm of OMD Create.1 Articles

Ninia Azzopardi

Ninia is a Digital Account Manager within the XMP team at OMD UK.1 Articles

Charlotte Bell

Paulina Lewinska

Paulina drives insights to help our clients grow their business through understanding consumer behaviour, lifestyles and their relationship with brands. Paulina loves art, photography, interiors, film, good food, people.. and much more.1 Articles

Christian Byron

Christian leads OMD UK’s multi-media buying team, managing the cost, quality and ROI targets of media investment.1 Articles

Rebekah Lee

Rebekah works in OMD UK’s Annalect Marketing Science department which specialises in providing analytics across clients. With a background in Mathematics, Rebekah enjoys applying numbers to all things even when it’s not required.1 Articles

Emma Naef

Emma is a Graduate Performance Planner at OMD UK.1 Articles

Adam Cluett

Adam works in the Investment Display team. When he isn’t busy arguing with media owners over positions, he is busy arguing with everyone else about football.1 Articles

Nuno Martins

Nuno is a digital marketer with a sweet spot in strategic planning and is truly passionate about brands and creative marketing communications. He enjoys disproving conventional wisdom, uncovering cultural insights that prompt people to think differently, developing digital experiences with real utility and shaping ideas that live on after the media plan.1 Articles

Richard Cameron

Richard works within the Connection Planning Dept at OMD UK. He is responsible for the delivery of digital in-channel excellence across the agencies portfolio. Working alongside the Managing Partner for Planning and team to develop audience first data fuelled plans that combine broadcast and addressable solutions. Also as part of the Digital Leadership Team, Richard helps to direct the agenda across the varied specialism’s that makeup the digital community at OMUK.1 Articles

Laurence Ruthven

Jo Betts

Jo Betts is Executive Digital Development Director at OMD UK. She has a wealth of experience and over 12 years agency side expertise across the full landscape and a wide range of industry sectors. She is truly passionate about innovation and all things digital and is always intrigued to understand the how and why! She loves movies, is a keen snowboarder, an avid Canary fan and a very reluctant runner.1 Articles

Martyn Wronkowski

Martyn is an Investment graduate and works on the Disney account.1 Articles

Zoe Blake

Zoe is an Associate Director in OMD UK's XMP department. She came across to the agency from video seeding company Unruly Media in 2011.1 Articles

Alireza Bahrami

Alireza is an apprentice within OMD UK’s XMP team. Digital has always been something more than just a job to him. Whether it's tablet, mobile, web or print, he’s got an excellent eye for imagery, layout and a great understanding of the importance of the user experience.1 Articles

Eve Wright

Eve works in OMD UK's XMP team as a digital planner, across multiple accounts.1 Articles

Laura Bonicelli

Anu has worked in the media and advertising industry for the last 7 years, working on some great campaigns across OOH, Digital and Print. Anu currently works in the XMP Team at OMD UK looking after all digital display activity across a number of clients.1 Articles

Annie currently works as a Creative Strategist at OMD UK. Annie sits as part of Fuse, a marketing agency specialising in experiences and partnerships within Omnicom Media Group.1 Articles

Harpreet Kaur Chahal

Harpreet joined OMD UK in 2011, and has since been developing her skills in SEO, PPC and Google Analytics ever since. She writes on the ins and outs of SEO, and how the ever-changing field relates to wider marketing strategy.1 Articles

Frankie Anthony

Frankie is a Planner in the XMP team at OMD UK, recently moving over from Thinkbox.1 Articles

Chris Tau

Chris is a Digital Planner in the performance team here at OMD UK.1 Articles

Suzanna Balchin

Suzanna is a Business Director who has a passion for consumer & cultural insights, the human condition and data, and then working out how to piece it all together to help businesses grow1 Articles

Paige Eaton

Paige is a marketing graduate working in the communications planning team.1 Articles

Maddy Walters

Maddy is a Graduate Communications Planner at OMD UK.1 Articles

Alice Versey

Chloe Parker

Chloe is a part of the Communications Planning team at OMD UK working primarily on PSA. Hailing from New Zealand, she brings a can-do attitude and is passionate about idea generation and client service.1 Articles

Steven Eastwood

Steven is part of our Communications Planning team who is passionate about audience behaviours and trends. Working across a number of innovative campaigns, Steven pushes against the familiar and gets a big kick out of seeing our campaigns deliver real business growth. He’s big on films, sport and running (but not so big on soy).1 Articles

Mehr works in the Client Leadership team and sits within OMD Create.1 Articles

Ozoda Muminova

Ozoda Muminova is the Emerging Platforms Insight Manager at Guardian News & Media. With 13 years of insight and strategic planning experience, Ozoda is interested in understanding what seemingly cold data can tell us about people’s feelings and motivations.1 Articles

Richard Evans

Sarah Lines

Sarah joined the OMD UK strategy team in 2015, bringing with her a wealth of experience spanning digital, client leadership, communications planning and strategy. She is one of life’s problem solvers and loves nothing more than uncovering rich insights that inform effective strategic platforms and spark brilliant ideas.1 Articles

Patrick McDermott

Patrick is a Comms Planner on the Google account. He loves playing around with new tech and delving into audiences to find that killer insight.1 Articles

Lauren Floodgate

Lauren is a copywriter in the Social & Content team and is an avid defender of reality TV and ‘low culture’.1 Articles

Martha Harper

Martha is a digital planner with a love of pizza, dogs1 Articles

Rhian Feather

David Ace

David is an Associate Director at OMD UK.1 Articles

Kelly is currently a Manager working in the Client Leadership team working across the Disney account.1 Articles

Amy Hill

Amy is an Account Manager in the Social Media and Content team at OMD UK. When she’s not working on client campaigns, she can usually be found in her natural habitat - Twitter (@amyandelizabeth).1 Articles

Ali Reed

Ali Reed is an Executive Business Director at OMD UK. She likes the idea that advertising could be a positive force in the world. She also likes technology and is currently looking for non-obvious ways to combine those two things.1 Articles

Matt Batch

Matt is AV Manager in OMD UK's Investment team1 Articles

Robyn Sumner

Robyn is a yoga and tennis enthusiast with a strong passion for interior design and textiles. She works across Disney Studios, Franchise, Home Ents and Channels within the OMD UK AV Investment Team.1 Articles

Tobi Fukushima

Tobi heads up the Citroën and DS Automobiles team. With experience working across multiple different client categories he has a passion for understanding consumer behaviour and using this to develop effective and integrated cross-media solutions for brands.

Alex is currently a Biddable manager at OMD Uk. Alex is passionate about Digital Marketing and being French loves cheese and wine.

Cat Ogden

As OMD UK's Creative Copy Lead, Cat’s background is in copywriting, but her creative talents don’t stop there – she is famously our resident Play-Doh master, and can be found sketching and watercolouring in her spare time. When it comes to creative problem solving for brands, she is particularly intrigued by behavioural economics and the psychology behind what drives people’s decision making, and how best to connect with them on a human level.